Black Triangle Holsters-The Devil is in The Details

Glock® 43X RH4 & Glock 940 LH1

*DISCLAIMER* Firearms in this blog post are for informational purposes only and are not for sale. *DISCLAIMER*

At first glance, Black Triangle IWB holsters may not stand out compared to other products, however we felt it was necessary to expound on the benefits of choosing our products. 

The GL940 and GL43X are based around the same outcome, offering maximum benefit to the end user without adding unnecessary features. Let's explore those benefits...

The holster gets its retention at the trigger guard. In fact, there is very little, if any contact with the slide. Some people prefer not to have wear and tear on their coated slide.

We cut the profile at the trigger guard to maximize the "purchase" when drawn, as well as access to the magazine release. This comes in handy for one-handed emergency reloads.

There is a tensioner located just forward of the trigger guard to allow the user to adjust retention level.

All holsters are trimmed for most aftermarket red dot sights to include Trijicon & Holosun and the sight channel gives ample clearance for suppressor sights.

Discreet Carry Concepts was the obvious choice for attachment hardware on our products. Plastic clips are not reliable in my humble opinion and DCC is a brand that I trust to keep my holster fastened to my belt. The low profile of the DCC clips further reduces the already low-signature nature of the product.

We chose the most common hole patterns for attaching your hardware. We recognize that everyone has their own preference with regards to carrying. Whether you are using a DCC Monoblock or a single DCC HLR clip with an AIWB wing, most setups can be achieved with our holsters.

Glock® 940 with Clip Configuration 3 (1.5" HLR Clip +AIWB Wing)

 As we continue to grow, our thermoplastics division will also grow. We are developing holster solutions for Sig Sauer in addition to light-bearing versions of all aforementioned models.

We have established ourselves as a household name for non-metallic defensive tools and I can say with confidence that the quality is reflected in our holsters.

Whether you need to scale up or scale down for protection, Black Triangle is a brand you can trust with your life.

Glock GL43X with Clip Configuration 4 (1.5" Monoblock)



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