First Look: Black Triangle Halloween 2021

First Look: Black Triangle Halloween 2021
We started doing Halloween-themed G10 last year with the orange Midnight Creepers. For this year’s offering we wanted to come up with something entirely new. (Note: the photos have been compressed for some reason, visit the product page for full resolution photos)
Enter The Hell Children, a made up movie about a city’s worth of children turning against grown ups on Halloween. The concept for the movie was created by ourselves and FvtvreWave, who also did the art and layout for the VHS sleeve.
Rounding out the art design is a 3-sticker pack from Gypsy Walters. The three children are a nod to classic Halloween costumes and slasher films. (Bonus points if you can guess the inspiration for the costumes)
The knife itself is 1/4” thick orange G10. We did the best we could to make it look like a butcher knife while maintaining signature Black Triangle characteristics. We cut a finger groove into the profile for a better grip. It’s overall length is 7 1/4” with a 3 1/2” handle and 4” blade. It is wrapped with gutted and epoxied paracord and sheathed in a taco-style inside the waist band sheath. As with all Black Triangle G10, The Hell Child and its sheath/mounting hardware is 100% metal free. 
A new addition to this Halloween drop is we will be offering shirts and a hoodie with the hell children and the Black Triangle logo.
The Halloween drop is on Friday October 15th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time and available online only through Black Triangle. 

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  • Man, these went fast. Looked good though.

    Michael on
  • Halloween III!

    kola on

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