Black Triangle Steel Serval

Black Triangle Steel Serval

I. Intro

II. What is The Same?

III. Details

IV. Sentinel Serval Grievances 

V. Final Notes


The Serval’s story began with Sentinel Concealment Gear. The knife took on several forms throughout its existence with Sentinel and gained popularity (and infamy) through Ed Calderon. In 2017 Matt hung up his proverbial knife making boots and the Serval was laid to rest. For those who do now know, Sentinel produced the first two batches of G10 knives for me when I first started Black Triangle in 2017. His style had and continues to have an influence on the products we make. In 2018 I contacted Matt to get permission to bring the Serval back to life as a non-metallic knife. Matt, myself and Ed convened in an Instagram group chat. Ed had some design revisions he wanted to see in a contemporary Serval. These changes included a more accentuated pommel, thinner profile and an aggressive handle curve.

Sentinel Serval (top) Black Triangle Serval (bottom)

What is The Same?

The foremost similarity between the original and ours, is the horse stall mat scales. There are Sentinel Serval’s with G10 scales out there, but its my opinion that the rubber scales are better. The Serval is a fighting knife, so the extra grip that the rubber brings an advantage that other fighting knives do not offer. 

Everything else is the same. We used the same 1084 steel, the grind and edge is the same and it is acid etched and stonewashed. We even kept the sheath the same except we went with Discreet Carry Concepts clips instead of Raven Concealment, which were on the Sentinel version. 


Release: Late March/Early April

Price: $265 (same price as the original)

Steel: 1084

Thickness: .156”

Grind: Chisel

Finish: Forced black oxide / Stonewashed

Overall Length: 7 3/4”

Blade Length: 2”

Handle Length: 4 3/4”

Sheath: .080” taco-style black Boltaron IWB sheath with Discreet Carry Concepts HLR Mod 4 1.5” and 1.75” belt clip

Sentinel Serval Grievances

I am aware that there are Sentinel Concealment Gear customers who did not receive their Serval. Although I cannot offer a free Black Triangle Serval, I am willing to give affected customers a substantial discount. The only catch is you have to have proof that you ordered a Serval and did not receive it. Please submit proof to this email address:

Final Notes

The Steel Serval is something that has been on the back burner since I got the blanks cut in 2019. They’ve been sitting in storage untouched until December of last year. This is our first attempt at a metallic blade, so I expect critical feedback. It is meant to be a gritty, unique fighting knife-not a safe queen that only comes out for photos. There are going to be superficial imperfections, but as we move forward into the future, our process and overall quality will improve. Our lifetime guarantee does apply to this knife, so if there is any unsatisfactory performance or damage occurs to to the knife or sheath, we will fix it.

I cannot say if we will reproduce this knife in its current state, but this will not be the last steel implement from Black Triangle.


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  • The G10 serval was shortened, are there plans to shorten the steel version as well to 6 3/4 inch OAL?

    Rob on
  • Make a metal PTL and I’m down

    Sean on
  • Will the sheaths have a cutout to allow a ring to be maintained in the serval while carrying?

    Brandon on
  • Outstanding!!!!! Can`t wait to get one!

    Alan on
  • Perkele. Am I going to miss this too?

    fges on

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