Donovan ‘69

Donovan ‘69

“On a mission behind enemy lines and out of ammo…”

Donovan ‘69 is the next incarnation of our premium line of Black Triangle G10 Knives. The design and branding is based around a fictitious 80’s movie about the Vietnam war. The main features are:

  • Black Donovan G10 knife with Olive Green G10 scales
  • Tigerstripe .080 Kydex vacuum-formed sheath w/ removable clip
  • Packaged in VHS case with unique artwork.
  • Comes with laser cut Tigerstripe Homage (daggers) Patch

A non-standard feature of this release is the sheaths for the MK25 and Donovan’69 are interchangeable with each other. The knife itself is comfortable to carry. Ive worn it for long periods in a vehicle, worn it in the ocean and taken it past multiple technical security checkpoints. It was made to be used. 

The laser cut patches are infrared reflective for our US customers and non-IR reflective for international customers. IR patches are ITAR regulated and will only be shipped to US addresses. 

Donovan ‘69 MSRP is $120 and expected to be released between 5/12-5/15. Final details and photos will be posted first week of May.

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  • Are these going to be available again?

    Mike on
  • Will you be offering a “mini” version of the Donovan similar in size to the mini Fairbairn Sykes I picked up from you folks several months ago?

    JT Hardy on
  • My bday is may 10th any chance for early pre pre release gift to myself

    Jalopy Joe on
  • Let me know when it drops it’s a must

    John Forte on

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