First Look: Rigid Bag Panel-Micro

First Look: Rigid Bag Panel-Micro

Available HERE 12/1/22 at 6pm EST

The Rigid Bag Panel-Micro (RBP-M) is our response to requests by our customer base to make a bag panel that fits into a purse or a fanny pack. The panel serves as a dual-purpose platform to organize essential items (whatever they may be) into a very small satchel. 

(RBP-M with medical kit inside Lululemon 1L Fanny Pack)

The panel is cut from 1/8" thick Boltaron in either black or FDE and measures 7x5". Each Panel comes standard with 2 strands of 1/8” braided shock cord fastened to the panel. Four 1" industrial Velcro hook squares are also included with the panel for use when mounting panel to a Velcro loop panel, such as those found in the Spiritus Systems Fanny Sack.

(43X MOS Trigger Guard Holster inside Spiritus Systems Fanny Sack)

Trigger Guard Holster for Glock 43/43X/43X MOS and Sig Sauer P365 available as an add-on. Trigger Guard Holsters are ambidextrous and come assembled with hardware on panel and with the Velcro hook squares on the backside for mounting inside a bag. Please note your draw side on your order notes.

It should be noted that when using this product as an off-body concealed carry platform, that you should use the Velcro attachment so that the panel is anchored to the fanny pack. The panel is not intended to be free-floating inside the bag when carrying a firearm.

The Rigid Bag Panel-Micro gives the end user multiple options for low-signature carry of essential items in a variety of operating environments.

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