First Look: Rigid Bag Panel-Sling

First Look: Rigid Bag Panel-Sling

The Rigid Bag Panel-Sling (RBP-S) was designed around the Patagonia Atom 8L Sling and is intended for use in other slings, satchels, and small messenger-type bags. The panel enables the end user to divide and organize mission essential equipment while maintaining the low signature that Black Triangle products are known for. The RBP-S can be used in a multitude of ways, based on your requirements. 

Specifications and Details

1/8” thick Boltaron (Black and FDE)

11 1/2” Length

8 1/4” Width

16 riveted 1/4” holes (The riveted holes serve as anchor points if you wish to dummy cord the panel to your bag)

24 non-riveted 1/4” holes

4x6 1” MOLLE/MALICE channels* 

*When utilizing the MOLLE/MALICE channels, we prefer to use the TT Fight Light MALICE CLIPS (long) or Esstac WTFix Straps (Long)

Each Panel comes standard with 2 60” strands of 1/8” braided shock cord & 2 cord locks.

We’ve also given the option to have 4x 1” loop Velcro squares added as attachment points on the back side of the Panel (the shiny side). It gives the user an anchor point while using bags such as Vertx, while allowing quick and easy removal during an emergency. 

Furthermore, we strongly recommend using a bag with an internal loop Velcro/One-Wrap if you plan on using the MOLLE channels to attach a holster or magazine carrier.

If your bag is not compatible with Velcro or One-Wrap, there is the option to store the magazines underneath shoe-laced shock cord (below)

 It is our intent to provide an inspiration as to how these panels are utilized. I am really interested in how people adapt the panel to their everyday lives or mission needs. This panel could be used exclusively in a emergency medical capacity or to secure communications equipment inside of a bag. We stared a Black Triangle discord community in order to better engage with our customer base. Part of that engagement is answering questions about the panel’s use as well as the customers sharing how they are using it themselves.

The Rigid Bag Panel-Sling will be available April 1st at 3pm Eastern.

Messenger and Full Size bag panels are expected by Q4 2022.

MSRP $55

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  • What happened to the Discord page? I would like to see what others are doing with this!

    Rob on
  • I’m really intrigued by this one! My Atom sling bag goes everywhere with me so this looks like a great way to enhance its use further by preloading multiple panels for my days intended needs. Very clever guys!

    David Taylor on

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