First Look: Black Triangle S4

First Look: Black Triangle S4

S4 will be available here on Thursday September 15th at 12pm EST.

A few years back we did a run of a knife called the Seer 2 (S2); a reverse-edge pikal style blade. Long story short, we only made a few and hadn’t made them since..until now. Black Triangle’s style and preference has evolved since we began making knives. We wanted to revisit this design with some updates. After several design iterations, we came up with the S4. If you came here looking for the S2, fret not. We have some information about that below :)

Black Triangle S4 G10 Knife

Here are some specifications and key features of the S4:

1/4” thick black G10

7 1/4” overall length

3 1/2” blade length (reverse edge, chisel grind)

3 3/4” handle length (hilt to pommel)

Black hemp jute wrap

Key Features

Ergonomic handle

Index at pommel for confident draw

Hooked sheath for IWB or pocket carry

Sheath hook allows for IWB or pocket carry

 With the S4, we took the best features of our top-performing knives and put them into one product. It has the blade profile of the Donovan, tip strength of the Senka, & index point of the MK4. The S4 is my current daily carry knife. I think that it will be a great addition to your growing Black Triangle G10, and it is also a great first knife if you are new to our product line. 

With the release of the S4 on 9/15, we will also be offering a batch of the Classic S2 for those who are feeling nostalgic.

S2 (left) S4 (right)

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  • Click on shop and go to G10 knives this one the S4 goes for 100$

    friend on
  • Where can I get one of this and how? Also how much.

    EM on
  • Glorious!

    Anton on

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