G10 Serval Design Update

G10 Serval Design Update

If you’ve been with us a while and have owned our G10 knives, you may be able to point out small changes to the designs. We exist as a brand not to become comfortable. We exist to create something new, or in this particular case, challenge our own ideas.

The G10 Serval’s overall length was 7 3/4”, the longest in our inventory. Due to the length and curvature of the handle, the G10 Serval’s pommel often “printed” when worn inside the waist band.

New Serval (left), previous Serval (right)

The simple solution was to remove excess handle real estate while keeping everything else the same. 1 inch was taken off the handle and here we are. A simple but effective change to the design. 

With the cover garments pulled tight against the body, the handle virtually disappears from the casual observer’s view.

The handle profile of the G10 Serval is ergonomic which gives the user better leverage when engaging a target. This reduction in handle length does not appear to adversely effect ergonomics, but rather improve it.

For reference, my palm is 3.75” wide

The handle reduction not only works out for those of us who have larger hands, but for those with smaller hands that appreciate the design but were hesitant due to length.

An unintended consequence of this design change is we are now able to ship the G10 Serval sheathed inside the VHS packaging. 

I tend to frequently rotate Black Triangle G10 knives in my every day carry, but I will say that the new and improved G10 Serval is going to be a mainstay for a while.
The new G10 Serval will be available Monday January 10th 2022 at 3pm EST.

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