G10 Spotlight: Le Spike

G10 Spotlight: Le Spike
Le Spike is the modified version of a discontinued G10 spike called Omega III. The OMIII had a pommel similar to a finishing nail and quite frankly wasn’t my favorite design. 
We took a little break from making spikes and then went back to the drawing board months later to create an entirely new product. 
Compared to the rest of the Black Triangle G10 knife family, Le Spike and spikes in general are under appreciated. We figured it was time to put the spotlight on this cool little tool.
The spike is 6” overall length with about 2 inches of the business end if the width of your hand is 4” (pictured below). To give some contrast to our other tools, the MK2M3 has a 2.5” blade.
Earlier this year we tested Le Spike and all of our G10 knives and I was quite impressed with the performance of the spike. The narrowness and driving force behind the point will aid in getting through clothes and creating an effective wound channel on target.  
For the sheath, we chose a static line carry as opposed to using a clip. We feel that adding a clip to the sheath creates bulk and ultimately negates the slim profile of the spike. 
(Demonstrating a way, not the way, to attach static line sheath)
The static line is Technora 600 and is 36” in length, looped and tied off to about 18”. The user is encouraged to adjust the length of the Technora to meet their needs.
One of the things I like about Le Spike being static carry is, I can shift the spike/sheath to a place like my groin in the event of a pat-down, while keeping the Technora anchored to my belt or pants.
The narrow profile of both the spike itself and the sheath allow for the user to conceal it in places that our other G10 knives cannot go. If you are looking for an even further reduced signature, Le Spike is the self-defense product you need. 
Le Spike and Le Spike Trainers are available at an automatic discounted rate until 11:59p on 5/29/22.

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  • nasty lil thing copping 10 asap

    10/10 outstanding design.

    Hrvstr of Souls on
  • What a cool little tool. Scored!

    Chuck on

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