G10 Spotlight: MK5

G10 Spotlight: MK5

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At Black Triangle, having the ability to modify an existing product or create something new entirely is something that excites us. We never rest on our laurels; we are always looking for ways to make our products better.

The physical characteristics range of our customer base is broad. We do not want to limit end user’s access to our products because they are too big or too small. The introduction of the MK2 Mod 2 and MK2 Mod 3 gave people large and small the ability to carry a non-metallic defensive knife.
(MK2M2, MK1M2, MK3M3)

The MK4 took Black Triangle innovation one step further. The flared pommel addition ensures a consistent and secure draw stroke every time while sustaining the features that make the Midnight Creeper the great knife that it is.

Giving smaller people the ability to access their Black Triangle non-metallic knife with confidence is the solution created by the MK5 Mod 2  and the MK5 Mod 3. The MK5 is both concealable and accessible when fine motor skills are under stress.

(MK5M2, MK4, MK5M3)

Both knives weigh in at around 2.5 ounces (with sheath), which gives the end user an extremely lightweight option when the need to carry light arises. On a personal note, I am a larger person (6’2”, 200lbs), and carry and employ the MK5M3 without any issue.

The MK5M2 and MK5M3 are a welcome addition to anyone that is carrying their predecessors, or those looking to try their first Black Triangle G10 knife.

Both knives have a 13% Spotlight Sale automatic discount valid now through 11:59pm EST on Saturday 3/26/22. Find out today why Black Triangle is known for low-visibility protection. 


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