G10 Spotlight: Senka

G10 Spotlight: Senka

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The Senka itself predates Black Triangle, being first introduced by Sentinel Concealment Gear as both a steel and non-metallic knife. The Sentinel G10 Senka was my first non-metallic knife and the one I unofficially carried during my time working in the private security industry. Sentinel coincidentially produced the first two batches of Black Triangle G10 knives (MK1 & MK2) before he closed up shop.

(author's Sentinel Senka)

Fast forward to fall 2020, Black Triangle moved into a new facility in Chesapeake, VA. I was looking for a new product offering in our line of non-metallic knives. I got permission from SCG and we began production of our own version of the G10 Senka. The original G10 Senka was ground to an edge and featured a fine tip. Through user feedback we learned that a) edges aren't as effective on G10 and b) fine tips have a tendency to break easily.

Our version of the Senka has the top-down appearance of a knife with edges, but in reality the edges are absent. The blade geometry comes to a taper at the tip without compromising the structural integrity of the knife, something we would later find out to be a very good thing.

 At first glance, the Senka is a very attractive knife. The double bevel is aesthetically pleasing as much as it is effective in its penetration. We have tested every Black Triangle knife and came to the conclusion that Senka is a top performer in both penetration and tip resilience. 

Senka is a Black Triangle favorite and it is also a favorite with our industry partners. We have collaborated with both Gypsy Walters and Tactical Distributors on the Senka. The GW collab was OD G10 with brown paracord wrap sheathed in Multicam Arid. The TD collaboration was Earth Brown G10, burgundy (not pictured) & forest green wrap sheathed in Flektarn. Both collaborations are no longer available, but they show up from time-to-time on the secondary market.

(Gypsy Walters Senka, Black Triangle Senka, Tactical Distributors Senka)


The Black Triangle Senka is as easy on the eyes as it is to penetrate a target. Find out for yourself why Black Triangle is the leader in low-visibility protection.

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