Midnight Creeper MK4: The Ultimate Non-Metallic Fighting Knife

Midnight Creeper MK4: The Ultimate Non-Metallic Fighting Knife
Available November 26th...Black Triangle products are in a constant state of improvement. The Midnight Creeper MK4 is a much-needed modification to our most popular G10 knife.
An index point is a touch-based feature that tells the user that they are grabbing the knife the same way every time. So, what would happen if we took the MK1 Mod2 and added an index point to it? That is the question asked by Johnny Primo of Courses of Action. Some students at recent Courses of Action combatives classes happened to also be Black Triangle end users. A common theme among them was the inability to get a consistent grip on the handle. This feedback was just the information we needed.
We kept the same overall length of the MK1 but gave the handle a tune-up. The symmetrical finger choils and flared pommel give the user a secure and ambidextrous grip.
The sheath is flipped so the bevels face the body when drawing the knife. It keeps the knot away from the skin, thus eliminating a hotspot. This is another common suggestion from end users.
The flipped sheath and clip position allows a right-handed user to carry the knife on the appendix support-side in conjunction with an AIWB firearm. For those carrying strong-side, the clip orientation allows for the knife to be slightly canted to the rear, giving the user more comfort when sitting.
The MK1M2 is not going away, however for those already carrying a MK1, the MK4 is definitely the next level up. 
These additions to an already trusted and proven product makes the MK4 the ultimate non-metallic fighting knife.
Black Triangle Midnight Creeper MK4 will be available on November 26th 2021.

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  • Well of course this isn’t supernatural right steel is not metal

    jeSUS on
  • Aye man… that’s a killer. I need one fore sure… and maybe me 2 or 3 ;)

    0N0S3NDAI on
  • Pretty cool. I always flip the sheath for SS AIWB anyways, and a kinesthetic index is almost always good. The end user might have to knock those pommel flares down a bit to avoid long-term craft beer-driven bite around the middle, but this looks to be a winner. Yet one more thing from you guys that I didn’t know I needed to buy until I saw it. :-)

    Totem on

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