New Products 2/15/22

New Products 2/15/22

First up in the new year for new products is the Midnight Creeper MK5 and the Light-Bearing GL940 Holster.

The MK5 is the compact version of the MK4. The most notable feature is the flared pommel. A pronounced index point on an extremely concealable fighting knife makes for the perfect option for professionals and those who want a further reduced signature.

The MK5 is available in two variants- Mod 2 and Mod 3.

The Mod 2 width is 3/4” and the Mod 3 width is 5/8”. Both have an overall length of 6”.

After months of patience by our customer base, we are pleased to announce our first of many light-bearing holsters. The GL940 Light Bearing Holster currently supports Surefire X300Ultra-A and X300Ultra-B lights. Light Bearing options for Streamlight and others are in the works. 

Currently, we are only making right-handed light-bearing holsters. We wanted to get these onto the market but unfortunately for left handed shooters, you will have to wait a little bit longer. As with all Black Triangle holsters, they are assembled with Discreet Carry Concepts hardware. 


Any questions related to holsters, please email us (CS at blktriangle dot com)


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