Soplete Collaboration with Sneakreaper Industries Available 9/9

Soplete Collaboration with Sneakreaper Industries Available 9/9

You would have thought that a company like Black Triangle would collaborate with Ed Calderon on a knife. As much as I would like to do a knife with him, this project ended up being right in our proverbial wheelhouse.

Ed communicates some unique ideas in his classes, one of which is the marriage of a can of WD-40 and a Bic lighter to create a light source when it gets dark. This technique can be achieved with two hands, or just by taping the lighter to the can for safe storage.

Enter the “Soplete”…

Soplete is made from vacuum-formed .080" black Boltaron and designed to be employed with one hand.

Life can get pretty dark, so it is best to walk your path with some illumination. Soplete's flat bottom allows the end user to keep the device sitting upright on a nightstand in case of late-night arachnophobia.

When setting up your Soplete, you must first line up the nozzle with the blue dot at the top of the can. This ensures that you get the most WD-40 out of your can. Soplete is ambidextrous, so if you are right-handed, the lighter should face left  with the blue dot/nozzle arrow facing the flame (as seen above). If you are left-handed, the lighter should face right with the blue dot/nozzle pointed at the flame.

One-handed operation takes some practice, so please use this product outdoors and sparingly. This product implies a certain risk with the use of fire and a propellant. We do not accept responsibility for your irresponsible behavior.

Soplete will be available Friday September 9th at 12pm Eastern.


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