The X2: Adaptable and High-Performing

The X2 is no secret. We've teased it for much of 2023 and we did a limited-edition X2 in purple back in September. Next week, Black Triangle is making the X2 a permanent product for sale.

Since 2017 we've been on a quest to create what we believe to be the perfect non-metallic knife. The knife, in our opinion, should be versatile to carry, be readily accessible during times of extreme stress, and have the ability to create the damage needed on target to end a fight. Although we will never be completely satisfied, we believe the X2 is as close to perfect as Black Triangle can get in this moment. 


The X2 is equipped with both a clipped and a static sheath, offering versatility in carrying styles to suit various needs and environments. The static line sheath can attach to a belt, belt loop, or drawstring, allowing for discreet placement in pants or shorts, a tactic effective against basic pat-downs. The clipped sheath is ideal for more conventional inside-the-waistband carrying. The knife itself includes a divot at the hilt for enhanced sheath retention. Each time the knife is sheathed (both static and clipped), the user can hear and feel the reassuring “click” of secure placement. 


Under extreme stress, such as during physical confrontations, people often lose fine motor skills. The X2’s ergonomic design provides an index point for better control when only gross motor skills are reliable. The palm swell and finger choil on the handle ensure a firm, confident grip. Aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, the blade’s geometry was rigorously tested. The size and shape of the wounds it can inflict are decidedly disadvantageous for any aggressor, should the knife be used in self-defense.


The Black Triangle X2 caters to both experienced and novice concealed carry users. It stands out as an exceptional product on its own and also makes a valuable addition to any collection. Advancing into 2024, the X2 will be available as a permanent staple starting on January 16th, 3pm Eastern Standard Time.


*Edit (3/18/24): Since the original Blog post, we have changed the X2 to come standard with clipped sheath only, with the option to buy both clipped and static sheath. Doing this has allowed us to lower the MSRP for our customers while still providing the maximum carry options. 

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  • Whether you’re on the blackest of black ops or just trying to shimmy past the bouncer outside a nightclub in Warsaw, the X2 is what you want.

    Drewson Bourne on
  • Excited for this. The x2 is my everyday carry. From Bra-line static to iwb clipped. Channel wounds are def superior for what I want as a multi diverse full size tool to carry. Otherwise I use my mini Donovan regularly.

    Ashley S on

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