Black Triangle provides average citizens and security professionals with low-visibility personal protection assets while traveling domestically and abroad in semi or non-permissive environments. Black Triangle's core leadership is headed by an 11-year Veteran of the Global War on Terror. His experience gained in Iraq and Afghanistan translated to working as a private citizen providing Executive Protection for foreign dignitaries, high net-worth individuals and their families. The protective experience gained in domestic and international environments lends to the creative development of the company. We recognize the capability gaps for average citizens whose security and safety are compromised while abroad. These gaps are addressed in simple, yet effective ways. Our products are currently in use in the continential United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Black Triangle seeks to achieve client-driven results for both the everyman and the professional. 

Black Triangle is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Black Triangle

PO Box 6207 

Norfolk, VA 23508

 ph. (833)466-6142