Hell Child 2 G10 Knife
Hell Child 2 G10 Knife

Hell Child 2 G10 Knife

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Read about Hell Child 2 here.

It’s been five years since Bluff Oaks was traumatized by tiny terrors…

The Hell Child 2 is the sequel to Black Triangle’s non-metallic interpretation of a classic slasher movie butcher knife. If Hell Child 2 were a real movie in the 80s, this knife would be sold as a commemorative novelty item on Home Shopping Network at 3am on a Saturday. 

Each knife comes packaged with unique VHS artwork and a 4” sticker

The knife and inside-the-waistband sheath are 100% metal-free, as with all Black Triangle G10 knives.

1/4” thick black G10 wrapped with epoxied 550 paracord in either black or orange color ways.

Overall length 8”

4” handle

4” blade 

VHS cover art by FVTVREWAVE

Stickers created by Gypsy Walters

…Beware the Hell Child!

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