Lock Pick Pen Kit

Lock Pick Pen Kit

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*Pen color is random. Don’t ask for a specific color*

Made exclusively for Black Triangle by Coyote Mountain. The Pen Kit enables the user to carry urban egress tools while hidden in plain sight. Comes with 6 pieces total:

- short hook


3 rakes

-single peak/hybrid rake

-triple peak/wave 'bogota' rake

-5 peak rake "KW1 Destroyer".

Mini tensioner, metal pen are also included. 
Stainless steel & hand crafted in America. Hand polished to near-mirror finish for smooth gliding over the pins.

User is responsible for knowing and adhering to applicable laws and accepts responsibility for their actions.

Lock Pick Pen Kits are in stock and ready to ship. 

Coyote Mountain products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Maintenance: kit mini tension bar is stainless and picks are spring steel. Picks are oiled using CLP prior to shipment. Picks should be maintained using a non-corrosive oil at the user’s discretion to avoid oxidation. 

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