Frequently Asked Questions

What are your tools made of?

Currently, our defensive tools are exclusively made using G10 as the prime component.


What is G10?

G-10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material. It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures.


Why doesn’t my tool have an edge/how do I put an edge on my tool?

Our G10 tools are intended to be point-driven, meaning they are not meant for cutting. An edge will not hold after several passes. Any edge on our tool is at the tip and incidental. Users are encouraged to make the tool their own by modifying it, however the user accepts the risk of compromising the structural integrity of the tool by changing the geometry.  


 What if something happens to my G10 product?

Black Triangle G10 is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If something caustic happens to your product, contact us and via email or by using the chat feature on the website  


Why did my shirt ship before/after my (patch, G10 tool, stickers, etc.)?

Shirts are shipped directly from our screen printers and will be fulfilled separately from all other items.


How are my products shipped?

We currently use USPS Priority for high-value items. Orders with textiles-only are fulfilled by USPS Priority or First Class, depending on the order value.


I have a Vlog/Blog, can you send me a product to review?

We do not usually accept these types of solicitations but will consider case-by-case basis.


Will your G10 tools bypass security measures?

Our tools are completely non-metallic, HOWEVER, we do not advocate nor recommend breaking any laws. 


Do you accept returns or exchanges on T-Shirts or Sweatshirts? 

Because our shirts and sweatshirts are made to order we currently do not accept returns or exchanges. If your product is defective when you receive it, please send photos to cs@blktriangle.com 


Do you accept returns or exchanges on Jeans or Rash Guards? 

If we have your size available, we would be happy to exchange your rash guard or jeans for another size. We will accept returns on jeans or rash guards as long as they have not been worn other than to try on the garment. 


Do you accept returns or exchanges on G10 products?

We offer a lifetime guarantee our products. If your Black Triangle G10 tool or sheath is broken or damaged, we will fix it or replace it.


Do you do custom/bulk orders?

To learn about custom or bulk orders, email cs@blktriangle.com and our team will answer any questions you might have.