The Topic of Black Triangle and Air Travel

A question I get frequently is "Can your knives get past TSA?" or "Can I put your knives in carry-on luggage?". While our non-metallic knives are designed to bypass security checkpoints for venues on the ground, the situation changes when you are talking about bringing it through TSA screening and onto a commercial airliner. The answer is simply, "no."

Bottom line up front: If you have checked luggage and are traveling domestically, its best that your Black Triangle G10 knife stays stored below the cabin. If you are not checking luggage, you may want to make arrangements with a trusted local contact at your final destination and send yourself your G10 knife. This is what I did on a recent trip to a major Southwest American city. If neither of these options are available, I strongly recommend taking the Weaponolgy course through Ed Calderon and learn about sourcing self-defense tools locally that are both inexpensive and easy to ditch.


This capability gap bothered me for a few years. One day during the COVID-19 Pandemic, I found myself inside of a large chain department store. I noticed several companies had capitalized on people's new found germaphobic tendencies and were selling tools that would help them open doors, hit elevator and ATM buttons without having to touch those surfaces with their hands. These innocuous designs reminded me of keychain impact devices that you'd find at a novelty store. So, we took inspiration from these little tools and cut one out of G10. This product became our G10 Touch Tool.

In the words of a customer, "I always take this when I travel to places where everything is outlawed." I couldn't have said it better myself. 

Employment is easy, you just wrap your favorite hand around the tool and go to work.

Personally speaking, I have flown six times with a Touch Tool, and at this time it is TSA "friendly". We've priced the Touch Tool so that it is accessible to more customers. It's also an easy and practical item to gift to the people in your life. They can attach it to a keychain and have it at the ready just about any time.

Don't leave home without one!


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