MK13 / MK23 / Concert Companion Release Details

I wanted to close out 2023 with something new, and something old.

 Since we modernized the Black Triangle Midnight Creeper designs, I've been asked once or twice by people to re-release the "OG" Creepers with the dagger bevels. Well, if people ask enough, sooner or later, one might cave in. And cave in I did. On December 15th at 5pm, we are bringing them back. The MK13 and MK23 are the modern interpretation of the original Black Triangle Midnight Creeper MK1 and MK2. These two knives will become a permanent product in our inventory. 

There are slight length differences between the MK13, 23, and their MK1/MK2 counterparts. The knives are still machined from 1/4" black G10 and the widths are the same. The MK13 sits a little shorter than the MK1 and the MK23 has an even smaller footprint than the MK2M3, a great advantage if concealment is your primary concern.

While we are on the subject of giving the people what they want, another commonly asked question is how one is able to carry our products if one is wearing gym shorts, or wearing clothing that precludes the use of a belt. Its a quandary with a complicated solution-at least it was until now. Over the past year, our friends at Alterations.Limited had been collaborating with Ed Calderon on a non-metallic everyday carry (EDC) belt. I was fortunate enough to be brought on just before its release as a collaborator for what would become known as the Concert Companion Non-Metallic EDC Belt.

This belt goes above and beyond the requirement to carry our products. It is 100% metal-free and the silicone on the body-side of the belt is not unlike the material found on the inside bottom of our rash guards. This textile keeps the belt snug around the body if one is carrying is next to skin.

I've been asked if this belt can support a firearm. I usually tell people that this belt is designed for our G10 knives, however I have an employee that has been wearing the belt every day with jeans and carries a full-size pistol with no issues. This belt is not rigid at all, and that is what gives pause to recommend as a pistol belt. "Your mileage may vary", as they say. 

I am so impressed by this belt that I had to make it available to my customer base. I have a limited quantity on hand, but if these are in demand enough, we will move forward with regular restocks.

The MK13, MK23 and Concert Companion EDC Belt will be available Friday December 15th at 5pm EST. Thank you for helping us make 2023 the best year yet at Black Triangle. 


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