First Look: Halloween Season Collection

Halloween is a big deal at Black Triangle. We have done an annual Halloween season collection every year since 2020. Our first collection was MK1/MK2M2/MK2M3, followed by two iterations of the Hell Child knife. For Halloween season 2023, we are all-in.

(Blackout Spoopy Boi PVC Patch, Donovan, Touch Tool, MK2M3, Hell Child 2, I Want To Believe)


Halloween Collection 2023

  • Hell Child 2, orange with black G10 scales
  • Donovan, orange
  • MK2M3, orange
  • Touch Tool, orange
  • Blackout Spoopy Boi PVC patch w/ GITD eyes
  • I Want To Believe Shirts
  • I Want To Believe Sticker Pack

All Halloween Season G10 knives will come packaged in a VHS case. The sleeve will have a black background and feature a halloween Waifu on the front cover and the back cover will have the Waifu's cat. Each knife will come with each of the afforementioned as a sticker. Waifu art by Jeff Henry.

The artwork for "I Want To Believe" was made by Data81. The shirt will have the artwork on the front left breast and the artwork/text on the back. The garments will be available in short sleeve, long sleeve and perhaps a hoodie if enough people ask.

The Halloween Season Collection will be available starting 9/29/23. We always drop our collection early so that you may have your items in time for Halloween. Happy haunting!


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  • When does these ship

    Tim Timmerman on
  • I am so stocked for this. Will there be spoopyboi dad hats again?

    Max on
  • Hoodie, yes please🙏

    Bill on
  • I’ll get the LS shirt but I vote for hoody too

    Stash on
  • Gotta get it. Love the Halloween stuff

    Jack on

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