G10 Elvia and Soplete with Ed's Manifesto/Sneakreaper Industries

The release of the G10 Elvia and the restocking of the Soplete are tentatively scheduled for 7/14/23.

Ed Calderon became the first public figure to endorse Black Triangle when I sent him an original MK2 for testing in 2017, which fortunately passed. Since I started this brand six years ago, I have secretly desired to collaborate on a knife with Ed, but hesitated due to other knife makers already working with him. I believed that if we were to work together, it should be at his request.

In the summer of 2022, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Ed/Sneakreaper Industries on the Soplete. Honestly, this wasn't the product I had initially anticipated working on with Ed, but we enthusiastically seized the chance. We transformed a concept taught in his courses into a tangible product while simultaneously addressing the issue of activating the lighter/propellant with one hand. The Soplete is an excellent addition to a wayfarer's loadout and proves to be an exceptional tool for dealing with spider infestations.

A few months ago, Ed approached me about creating a G10 knife together, and I gladly agreed. After considering various design ideas, we decided that the size and profile should resemble the Kopis L-via.

The Black Triangle G10 Elvia is a monolithic, point-driven knife with three serrations at the hilt of the blade. These serrations have been tested and proven effective in ripping and creating a gnarly wound channel on the target.

The overall length of the G10 Elvia is 6 3/8" with a 2 1/2" blade and a 4" handle.

There will likely be an option to add a trainer knife and trainer sheath to your order.

The sheath is made of .080" black Boltaron and offers three carry methods: static line, pocket carry, and clipped IWB. Each G10 Elvia will come with both Technora and a clip/shock cord, providing the user with access to all three carrying options.

Similar to all Black Triangle G10 products, the Elvia will be packaged in a unique VHS sleeve/case and will include a foldout movie poster.

The tentative release date for the Black Triangle G10 Elvia and Soplete restock is 7/14/23.

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  • Looks great, I would like to buy one in July!

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