Gypsy Walters x Black Triangle MK1 Mod 2

Gypsy Walters x Black Triangle MK1 Mod 2
Available Tuesday July 5th at 12pm Eastern here.
It’s Friday night sometime in the 80s or 90s. You’re headed home from the roller rink and want to stop by your local chain video rental store. You find the perfect movie and use your last $5 and take it home for the weekend. This scenario has played out countless times during those two decades. Being a child of the 80s/90s, I could not pass up an opportunity to impart the aesthetic onto our most popular knife. Gypsy sent me the layout of a Blockbuster Video (RIP) VHS sleeve a few months back and I was immediately sold on the idea. It took some brainstorming but what you see before you is the finished product. 
The knife itself is a MK1 Mod 2 in black G10 wrapped in glow in the dark paracord. The sheath is .080” paint splatter Kydex, similar to a design you might find on the industrial carpet in the roller rinks of the 90s. 
The VHS layout is pretty much what you would find at a Blockbuster Video-A very brief synopsis of the movie and littered with category codes and barcodes. If someone weren’t paying attention, they might mistake this for the real thing.
The sticker (art by Gypsy Walters) that is included with each knife bears a resemblance to the antagonist in a 1996 horror film, but that is completely coincidental.
If you’re feeling the nostalgia or you missed that era and want to impress your parents, consider grabbing this knife and ‘Make it a Black Triangle night.’

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