First Look: GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger

We've been quietly working this project since January, so we wanted to take the opportunity to speak on this knife and the details since it is unique compared to our other offerings. The text below is a mixture of the product description and our own production notes.

The GBRS Group EDC G10 is Black Triangle’s non-metallic interpretation of the steel EDC Dagger made by Winkler Knives. This 100% metal-free system is a robust defensive tool that enables the end user in environments that preclude the use of steel knives or firearms. The knife itself is made from G10; a fiberglass composite known for its strength, despite the absence of metallic properties. G10 is commonly found on steel knife handles, aircraft parts, and coincidentally, the primary component in non-metallic defensive knives.

This knife and sheath are designed to be fully ambidextrous. The flared & chamfered pommel allows the end-user an easy index point during employment, remaining comfortable while sheathed inside the waist band. The pronounced quillon with jimping offers both protection and support regardless of the grip orientation. The knife blade is a symmetrical chisel grind, coming to a point without the presence of edges. This tool and all G10 knives made by Black Triangle are intended to be point-driven in application.

The appearance of the knife out of the box will be different shades of grey. After carrying and holding the knife, it will begin to turn to black.

The two-piece thermoplastic sheath is designed for comfort and concealability. The clip placement gives the user a full grip when drawing & the high sweat guard prevents chafing during long wear periods. This sheath/knife is extremely comfortable to wear inside the waist band. 

Those who have been with Black Triangle since the beginning may notice a resemblance between this sheath and the sheath made by Pagan Ridge Kydex from the first two batches of MK1 and MK2 Creepers. Believe it or not, this was unintentional but still kind of cool. 

Overall, this project created challenges in production and tested our capabilities but we were able to overcome them and create a truly unique and stellar product. 

As with all Black Triangle G10, we carry a lifetime warranty. If something caustic happens to your GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger, we will fix it.

The first batch will be available through GBRS on September 25th.

Black G10 Knife
Pinned and epoxied black G10 scales                    

Black 2-piece thermoplastic sheath. 
Single 1 1/2” Raven Concealment IWB Overhook Strut fastened by braided shock cord.
3 1/8" blade length
Overall Length 7 ½”
1/4" blade thickness
1/2” handle thickness
Symmetrical Chisel Grind

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  • Please let me know when I can order this.
    Thank you.

    John Centrello on
  • I am former LEO. Does this dagger come in single edge configuration?
    How do I purchase

    Harry Norman on
  • Good afternoon,
    When will the dagger be back in stock and how much will it cost??

    Ronald Crockett on
  • When are you restocked????

    Angelo on
  • I would actually like to be on a list for one to order if we can make that happen that would be great I have a family member that could use this for work should he find himself in the position and I would love to send it out to him, I would like one as well, this is such a smart idea.

    Derek Durbin on

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